Mission & Vision

Modi institute of management & Technology provides transformative learning experiences in a socially responsible, inclusive community—anchored by its Core Values—which promotes academic excellence, inspires innovation and entrepreneurship, fosters an agile mindset, and prepares graduates to contribute to a global society that is increasingly focused on change.


is committed to the pursuit of excellence in higher education, character building, total development of personality and responsible citizenship.

Modi institute of management & Technology became nationally recognized as an innovative, creative institution renowned for its focus on delivering to the world highly educated students with the ability and agile mindset to be entrepreneurial, socially responsible global citizens who are able to navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world.

Core Values:

We are committed to providing the best educational experience possible to every student.
We seek to develop the strengths and talents of all members of our community so they can achieve their personal best.
We develop and pursue the highest standards in all that we do, and promote a climate of continuous improvement.


We strive for quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services.
We promote honesty and transparency in support of student and employee success.
We encourage responsible decision-making and conflict resolution that respects the dignity of others.


Community & Diversity:
We believe that differences and diversity strengthen our community.
We respect and value all people and their perspectives.
We foster a community of open and honest dialogue that encourages an unfettered exchange of ideas, with civility and respect, for the empowerment of all.


Social Responsibility:
We believe in the value of community service and engagement, and in being active citizens of the world.
We are dedicated to developing responsible citizens of the world who are committed to social justice for all by providing opportunities for service, social justice education, and engagement.
We share a passion for making our community and the world a better place.


We uphold behaviors that contribute to the development of a positive community.
We adhere to policies that respect all members of the community.
We behave ethically toward each other and to those in the communities we serve.


Creative Expression:
We provide a range of social, educational, cultural, and recreational programs and events designed to expand and enhance experiences for our community.
We are committed to the development of an interactive, collaborative, and innovative community that encourages working creatively within and across disciplines.

We believe in the transformational power of dreams and aspirations, and foster an environment rooted in creative thought, inquiry, and self-discovery.


Our Strategic Plan:
The College has embarked on a strategic planning process—engaging faculty, staff, and students—to create a plan that will guide the institution for the next three years.


Social Impact Investing:
MIMT has taken a proactive step to becoming one of the first institutions of higher education to invest its full endowment toward positively impacting social, environmental, and economic sectors.