Faculty/ Staff Grievance Cell

In order to ensure transparency, prevent unfair practices and to provide a mechanism to innocent students for redressal of their grievances, grievance Redressal cell is formed. Grievance Redressal Committee facilitates the Redressal of in fair and partial matter maintaining confidentiality. The Grievance Redressal Cell has been formulated in order to make all the employees aware of the complaint handling process and the existence of grievance cell. This system would ensure that the redressal sought is just and fair and is within the given frame-work of rules and regulation.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Redress staff and faculty grievances separately
  • Redress lady staff and faculty grievances separately.
  • Allot Suitable timings for staff and faculty.
  • Redress grievances promptly.
  • To let employees present their issues without prejudging or commenting
  • Use positive, friendly ways to resolve the crisis than taking punitive steps, which may disturbs the system.
  • Assure the complainant that the authorities will be acting impartially and will try to resolve the matter as amicably as possible.
  • Ensure effective, sensitive and confidential communication between all involved
  • Ensure that there is proper investigation of the facts and figures related to the problem


Grievance Redressal Committee:

S.No. Role Name Designation Email
Presiding Officer
1. Chairperson Dr. N.K. Joshi Director nkjoshi@modiedukota.org
Faculty Members
2. Members Mrs. Ramneet Kaur Associate Professor ramneet.kaur@modiedukota.org
3. Members Mr. Kamal Kulshreshtha Associate Professor kamal@modiedukota.org
4. Members Mrs. Usha Jain Associate Professor Usha.jain@modiedukota.org
5. Members Mr. Ramakant Gautam Assitant Professor ramakant.gautam@modiedukota.org
6. Members Mr. P.N. Pareta Admin. Officer pnpareta@modiedukota.org
7. Members Mr. Rameshwar Potter Office Clerk rameshwar.potter@modiedukota.org